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GSHMM Community Outreach Grants

The Gateway Society of Hazardous Materials Managers (GSHMM) is proud to have awarded Community Outreach Grants program to the following:

2012: Zach Murphy, Eagle Scout Project – $400
Zach received a Community Outreach grant from GSHMM to help with his Eagle Scout project. He used the funds to construct shoe cubbies in the Outdoor Education Center at Babler State Park. See attached for details.

2008: Donna Ratkowski, Christ UCC, Maplewood, MO – $1,000
A grant was awarded to Donna Ratkowski to reimburse costs of up to $1,000 for battery collection and recycling Maplewood.

2007: St Louis Special Lead remediation Fund – $1,000
Lead Safe St. Louis has a grant from USEPA to do education and outreach to the community through five St. Louis public elementary schools, with the goal of preventing childhood lead poisoning. The goals of this new program are to get more children tested for blood lead levels, to educate more people about lead safe work practices, and to repaint the historic iron fences surrounding each of these five elementary schools. Five volunteer fence-painting events will be held, and five free 8-hour training classes on Lead Safe Work Practices will also be offered.

GSHMM’s grant award will be applied toward the cost of food and beverages for volunteers at these ten events, since USEPA does not allow its funds to be used in this way. In addition to providing financial assistance for food and beverages, GSHMM will solicit its members as volunteers to act as Safety Officers for each fence-painting event, and to assist with painting as well. Donations of PPE will also be requested.

To apply for one of these grants, a member of GSHMM would “sponsor” a project by making a formal written proposal to GSHMM’s Board of Directors on behalf of the individual or group. This proposal should include a detailed description of the project, its costs, and detail on exactly how the money will be used. These projects can be very large or very small, and each will be evaluated separately on its merit.

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