The GSHMM has several active committees which are open to any of our members. Time commitments for your participation varies, so you can pick something that fits your schedule. A short description is provided for each committee, but for more information to become involved, contact one of the committee chairs below or a Board Member.

Board of Directors


This committee reaches out to environmental, health, and safety professionals in the industrial, consulting, and regulatory communities to provide information on the Chapter, Academy, and Institute and how these institutions can assist the individual professional in their work. They also poll current members on which issues are important and what the Chapter should strive to achieve. This committee also tries to re-establish contact with past members with whom we have lost touch.


This very active committee determines and coordinates the time, location and speaker for our Chapter’s monthly meetings. This committee also assists with the preparation of the location with the venue’s personnel, handing out speaker’s notes and feedback forms, and they also help gather these forms back together after the meeting.


This committee is responsible for the Chapter’s interaction with the larger Bi-State community. It proposes what conferences the Chapter will exhibit with a booth. They also propose what activities the Chapter will sponsor or participate. This is a relatively new committee looking for energetic members to discover ways to raise the profile of the Chapter with the general public through a variety of forums. Ideas that have been advanced include the Science Fair, St. Louis County Household Hazardous Waste Collection events, and writing articles for local publications or newspapers.


This committee does not undertake political or lobbying activities, but is engaged in legislative activities on several fronts. The main activity is efforts to raise the awareness of state and local regulatory personnel of the GSHMM Chapter and the CHMM certification. It will also work with other committees to increase our Chapter’s membership among governmental agencies as well as increasing the number of people that are Certified Hazardous Materials Managers. The New Jersey Chapter and NJDEP are prime examples of the type of synergies that may be obtained through these efforts. Ultimately we would like to receive recognition of the certification among state and local agencies.


This committee assists the President Elect in planning, coordinating, and executing the Spring Seminar for the Chapter. This forum is currently the major means of raising the Chapter’s profile in the community and allows us to fulfill our desire to provide education and leverage our membership’s expertise into a larger community. This is typically a half to one-day seminar with various members or guest speakers addressing a wide range of subjects, including regulatory updates, permitting, new regulations, and management techniques.


This course is put on in conjunction with Saint Louis University every October to review material essential for CHMMs. These materials include environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, work practices, compliance standards, basic scientific theories, and hazardous material program management techniques. At the conclusion of the course and two months afterward the CHMM certification exam is proctored at Saint Louis University. Typically another review course is made available in the spring or summer in Mid Missouri with the assistance of other Chapters. This committee provides the speakers for the review course as well as area experts to review new course material.


Our national organization, the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP), also has various committees including:

  • Awards
  • Chapter Development
  • Finanace
  • Government Relations
  • Homeland Security
  • Leadership
  • Membership
  • National Conference
  • Professional Development
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